About Mea Smith

So….This is me

One of my favorite shirts
One of my favorite shirts

Things you can see

  • I work as an Administrative Assistant at a university. It’s a pretty great job.
  • I married my best friend and dream guy—bad boy mixed with good boy, likes to laugh, nerdy, manly, hobbyist carpenter, sensitive but hard ass when needed, interest in cooking, a good snuggler… Some characteristics I didn’t know I wanted until I got to know him, he had them, and he blew. Me. Away. 11 years later, he still does.
Man of my Dreams
Man of my Dreams
  • I’m a mom, and that’s okay. I didn’t know it would be okay until I had an amazing kid who loves to wear a cape and sing “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen while playing a ukulele. Before him, I was hesitant, to say the least, about motherhood. Now I have two crazy amazing kids, and I’m so glad I put the fear aside and decided to take a step into the dark.
My boys and me
My boys and me
  • I love a flea market. Or a thrift store. The potential of finding a treasure drives me to explore all of them I can find. It’s kind of like being ten again and digging in beach sand to find the neatest shell. But more expensive.
Favorite Thrift Store find of late.
Favorite Thrift Store find of late
  • I am obsessed with making things out of pallet wood. I don’t really know what’s so special about pallet wood versus regular wood, but I think it has hypnotizing qualities because every person on Pinterest seems to want to make pallet-y things, too. My current project: a table with a pallet wood top and shelf.
  • Jewelry making is a hobby of mine. Wearing homemade earrings as I type this.
A pair of earrings I made


  • I like to have fun. Reading, movies, painting, story stringing, playing in the yard, games… I love aquariums and zoos. Oh! And I will go to any type of Festival—Craft, Pecan, Watermelon, Ye Ole Days… Lead the way; I’m close behind!

Things you can’t see:

  • I have an uncontrollable urge to make ugly things pretty. Sand it down, get some paint, pick out fabric, and make it pretty. It takes an enormous effort on my part to tone down the “girlie” as I live in a house full of boys. Even the fish is male.
Repurposed wood made pretty.
Repurposed wood made pretty
  • In the same vein, I love Shabby Chic designs. If it’s distressed or repurposed, I WANT IT! Or I want to try to make it. Before it had a name, I would have said, “that looks like Mama”, but now it has officially been labeled.
  • I call myself a realistic optimist. I aim toward the best possible outcome of a situation, but it doesn’t escape my peripheral vision that there are other ways life can go. I prepare for the poopy outcome, but I hope with my whole soul for something more.
  • I’m grateful for the ridiculously wonderful people who make up my relationships. This life is better when you share it.
A few of my relationships
A few of my relationships
  • I want my hands challenged at whatever they find to do—write, counsel, craft, build…
  • I’m in a constant state of evaluating and restructuring. I can always be better than I am, and I feel the most confident and at peace with myself when I’m reaching for something beyond my current grasp.

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