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Hello, there!

The second definition of “forge”, according to dictionary.com, is “to form or make, especially by concentrated effort.” This blog documents the “concentrated effort” of writing a book and the process that comes after the blood has dried, and it’s time to try for publication. This is the coolest and hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do for myself. It’s so easy to put off one’s personal desire to deal with life’s necessities, and at times, I’ve even forgotten that I’m allowed to have a dream. Then, the haze of fatigue rises, I’m clear-headed and spry, and I wonder where this Want went to hide. I find it asleep in a tree hole, gather it up, and gently shake it awake.

What I’ve discovered is the more often I wake the Want, the more it demands to be by my side. Forget this hibernation thing. Even cat naps are for suckers. Its preference and mine is for full awareness, and I’ve got to say, I’m really enjoying the constant nudge of Something More. So, I’m forging a writing life in public because what better accountability is there than you, my Internet friend, and what better encouragement is there than seeing how far you’ve come?

There is another definition of “forge” I refer to when pressures threaten to steal my focus. Definition one, “to beat into shape.” Perseverance is hard, y’all. And I’ll tell you all about it.





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