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I’m on Twitter @ mea_smith

on Pinterest as  moshimoshimea

or on Tumblr as moshimoshimea


3 thoughts on “Contact Mea

  1. Hi Mea,
    I found you on CP Love Connection and I am hoping you may like one more CP, that would love to text in morse code! 😜 Please let me know if you would like a third wheel. I am totally game to making our work shine and I’m not scared of being elbow deep in beautiful words poured with optimism & reality. Hope to hear from you and congrats to your CP connections! It’s a wonderful thing! 😘 Dev


    1. Hi Dev! I’m so sorry it took a minute to get back to you. A couple crazy days and a ton of work… And then I started to hem and haw because you seem like such a lovely person. But if I’m being honest, I know I can’t add anything to my plate right now because I started another project and picked up another critique partner. I truly appreciate you asking. Congratulations on your Writer’s Voice win! May I keep you in mind for another project?

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      1. Hi Mea, great to hear from you. Awe you are sweet but no apologies necessary. I know work, kids, and personal time for writing keeps a lady running, let alone committing ourselves with a new CP! But I’m so happy to connect and YES! Please keep me on your short list if you ever need a extra CP 😄 I’m happy to oblige! 😁 Thank you for your kind and thoughtful reply! Happy writing! Cheers! 😍😘💕💕💕


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